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Coaching helps individuals to gain clarity on their goals; make progress towards those goals; make better decisions; gain greater self awareness and overcome challenges they are facing. Our coaches are ICF accredited and each have hundreds of hours of experience in coaching business professionals. We will ensure your coach is the right fit for you.




Our Coaching Sessions

With FH Insights coaching you will get the following:

"Successful people are simply those with successful habits" -Brian Tracy

Choose the Direction of your Life

Our Approach

A coaching journey can be anything from four to twelve sessions. We also do individual sessions if someone needs coaching around one specific issue, although for best results we recommend a series of sessions. Our coaching programme usually looks like this:

Introductory Session

Coach you around one specific challenge you are facing or goal you would like to achieve. The purpose of this session is for you to get a feel for the coaching experience, to see if there is rapport with your coach and for you to take some actions that will be beneficial to you in helping you to meet a goal or overcome a challenge you are facing. This session will be an hour long. If you would like to proceed with coaching following the introductory session then you will take your StrengthsFinder assessment.

Session One

Coaching Agreement and Goal Setting
1. Coaching Agreement
2. Goal Setting Exercise
3. Establishing SMART goals
This session is to establish the nature of the coaching arrangement moving forward - how many sessions there will be, how often they will be and what both sides expect from the coaching engagement. In this session your coach will also help you to establish some goals. We will make sure the goals are SMART and your coach will hold you accountable on your progress towards these goals in the upcoming coaching process.

Session Two

1. StrengthsFinder de-brief
The purpose of this session is to give you a good understanding of your strengths as determined through the StrengthsFinder assessment. This will provide a basis for ongoing coaching sessions as you can use your strengths to help you meet your goals and overcome challenges that you are facing.

Sessions Three Onwards

Coaching around your Goals
In the ongoing sessions we focus on the goals that you are looking to achieve. Following each session you will have actions that you need to take that will help you to make progress towards your goals. Your coach will bring in your strengths as required to help you see how you can use your strengths more effectively to help you get better results. As we progress with coaching new challenges and coaching topics will arise and we can use sessions to focus on these issues as well as the initial goals set.

What is a SMART goal?

S - SPECIFIC - you are clear on what you want to achieve
M - MEASURABLE - you will know when you have succeeded
A - ACTION ORIENTATED - it encourages you to take action
R - REALISTIC - it is achievable given your capabilities and resources
T - TIME BASED - it has a clear timeline for success

Accountability and Responsibility

The responsibility for all actions and decisions in coaching rests with you. The topics for coaching are determined by you, not the coach. During coaching you are held accountable for the process and the actions that come from coaching. Your coach will ask you questions to uncover your goals, problems and priorities but will not lead you or make any decisions for you. Your coach will not offer advice or help you make decisions. The ideas and decisions will always come from you, your coach will just draw these out of you.

Equip your leaders to reach their highest potential


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Usually within organisations our coaching is focused on middle and senior managers. These are the people who have the biggest impact within your organisation and where coaching can make the biggest difference. Some of the common reasons organisation want us to help their managers through coaching:

  • As part of a wider management/leadership training programme. Coaching supports the implementation of the training topics and allows for the managers to explore deeper specific problems they are facing and get targeted individual actions on how to move forward.
  • When someone has recently been promoted. Promotions bring with them opportunities and challenges. Managers may find themselves leading former colleagues or making tough decisions that they haven't grappled with before. Coaching can help these new managers tackle these challenges and give them confidence in their new role.
  • To transition from manager to leader. As individuals move up the hierarchy they often struggle with transition from expert to enabler, from executor to motivator and from manager to coach. Coaching can help leaders with that shift and also give them a new perspective on coaching skills which they can take to their team.
  • If someone is struggling in their role, coaching can help individuals who are feeling overwhelmed, are having a dip in performance or having people issues. Often with focused help individuals can overcome these temporary problems and reach peak performance. With re-hiring costs so high, coaching is a cost effective way to maximize your existing team rather than starting again with new people.

Scope and Confidentiality

Training Companies Dubai, Leadership Training Dubai, Strengths Finder Dubai

When working with organisations we agree the scope of the coaching agreement with the coachee and the sponsor (usually HR or a line manager). All three parties need to be in agreement on the coaching objectives. We usually recommend that the sponsor gets involved in one of the first coaching sessions to help form the coaching agreement.
The content of discussions between the coach and coachee is kept confidential. The exact level of disclosure with the sponsor is agreed on a case by case basis but the following content is usually shared:

  • How engaged the coachee is in the coaching process
  • Feedback on the coachees Strengths from the StrengthsFinder results (all reports from this are usually pen and shared with HR and line manager.
  • An overview of the coachees progress towards goals.

"Without a coach, people will never reach their maximum capabilities" Bob Nardelli

There's Nothing in a Caterpillar that tells you it's going to Become a Butterfly


Training Companies Dubai, Leadership Training Dubai, Strengths Finder Dubai

For individuals the scope of coaching can often stretch even wider than coaching within an organisational setting. In individual coaching there is no sponsor to involve so the coachee is free to determine the content and direction of coaching. Some of the common reasons individuals come to us for coaching include:
Uncertainty over current job or future career direction. Coaching can give you clarity on what is important to you in your role and where you want to take your career. Through StrengthsFinder you will gain clarity on what you naturally do well and how you can use more of your strengths in your work.
Facing specific challenges in the workplace. The workplace is full of many challenges, interpersonal, task issues and problems that need solving. Your coach will help you to access the answers to these problems through exercises, in-depth conversations and tough questions.
Making significant life decisions. Your coach will get you thinking not just about the here and now but about the future. What is the impact of the decisions you are making now, 10 years down the line? What do you want to get from your life? Where do you want to make a difference? In coaching you will have time to reflect and possibly change the direction of your life.
When faced with big changes in work life. When the external environment around you is changing lots and changing quickly, it can feel as if you are losing control. In coaching we will focus on helping you regain some control and make a positive impact within the context of the change. Your coach will help you take stock of the change and understand your role in it.
To gain greater self awareness. Your coach will often act as a mirror - reflecting back to you what they observe about your behaviour. The process of coaching can help you become aware of things that you were unaware of or closed off too. Coaching can open you up and accelerate your personal self discovery and improvement.

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much." Jim Rohn

Your First Step Towards Your New Future

Coaching Packages

Option One - Goals Lite Option Two - Goals Focussed Option Three - Goals Stretch
Introductory Session FREE FREE FREE
StrengthsFinder Assessment Free with book or AED 80* AED 330* (Full 34) AED 330* (Full 34)
Coaching Engagement 4 months 8 months 12 months
Coaching sessions 5 10 14
Benefits Know your strengths.
Set one key goal that you would like to achieve.
Focussed support over a 3 month period to keep you on track to achieve your goals and hold you accountable.
Know your strengths.
Understand your blind spots and how to work around them.
Set several key goals that you would like to achieve.
Focussed support over a 6 month period to keep you on track to achieve your goals and hold you accountable.
Know your strengths.
Understand your blind spots and how to work around them.
Set key goals in every area of your life that you would like to advance in.
Focussed support over a one year period to keep you on track to achieve your goals and hold you accountable.
Achieve personal transformation and deep self-awareness.
Identify and live your values in every aspect of your life.

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"Everyone needs a coach" Tony Robbins