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Negotiation Skills Training

Most of our roles involve some negotiating, whether we are aware of it or not. Individuals in sales and purchasing will be all too familiar with the negotiating challenges that they face daily. Even if you are not in these roles you are probably negotiating daily; with your manager about priorities, colleagues about deadlines, and team about workload. If we lack the skills to deal with these situations appropriately then we could be getting unfair treatment and inadequate results.

Our negotiation skills training helps attendees gain confidence when negotiating with both internal and external clients. This course introduces participants to the concept of principled negotiation and shows them how to use it to reach agreements that benefit both parties, in a way that preserves relationships. Negotiation is not based on sticking firm to your position but working together to reach agreements that make sense.

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Who Should Attend?

Anyone who is involved in internal or external negotiations. This course will be particularly helpful for managers and individuals working in sales or procurement.

Your staff need this training if they:

Are frequently getting bad deals in their negotiations
Use coercion and power tactics to get results and relationships are damaged in the process
Avoid negotiations with their manager resulting in poor exchange of information
Get stuck in back and forth defence-attack arguments rather than negotiate

Course Contents:

Preparing for the Negotiation
Your Negotiation Style
DISC Behavioural Styles in Negotiations
Principled Negotiation Techniques
Negotiation Fish Bowl Practice
Questions and Listening
Body Language
Negotiation Tactics
Dealing with Difficult Negotiators
Influencing Techniques

Training Outcomes:

Develop your negotiating style and increase confidence
Respond appropriately to psychological tactics
Read body language and build rapport
Get win-win results and build long-term relationships
Deal with challenging negotiators

Required Attendees

We run this training within organisations for between 6 - 12 attendees.

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what previous attendees say

Excellent training, very helpful and enjoyable. Looking forward to the next training. Also, really enjoyed the role-playing games, extremely useful to put into practice and the case studies, videos and examples were very helpful. Thank you.

Jordan Egan, ABB

Loved the case studies. Found the DISC exercise really informative and will most definitely be useful in the future.

Almero Skog, ABB

Overall session was interesting. Helps us to understand how different beings will handle and approach different situations and different techniques they use to influence others.

Titus Paul, ABB

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