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FH Insights is a Dubai based corporate training company that provides business professionals with the skills they need to excel in their role. We believe that knowing yourself and understanding others is critical to your success in the workplace and offer a number of different training and coaching solutions to help you achieve this. We show individuals how to understand the behaviours of themselves and those around them, enabling them to adapt their interactions to maximize results and improve relationships. Our training delivers lasting change and will empower your employees to make a positive impact on the business and with the people they work with.

Training Solution

FH Insights uses a number of different training solutions, models and activities; all of our courses are tailored for each company we work with and delivered with your employees in mind. To help your employees improve their understanding of themselves and those around them the majority of our courses start with assessments and training on the DISC Model of Human Behaviour . This provides a self awareness and an understanding of the differences in others which is built upon during the rest of the training.

We will help you to create a culture where employees are inspired to work efficiently and harmoniously to deliver improved results for your business. Our training will help your staff to excel as co-workers, managers, leaders, sales people and team members.

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