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FH Insights was established in Dubai in 2012 by Holly Fenton. With a keen interest in business, people and development and a skill for communication Holly found her calling in the training and coaching industry.

FH Insights started offering soft skills training courses for companies in Dubai and has since grown to a full service personal and team development business.

The FH Insights team works closely with clients to build development programmes that focus on lasting change. Our goal is to make learning fun and help our clients achieve high self-awareness, significant behaviour shifts and to build strong relationships.

We are passionate about helping leaders to lead with empathy, authenticity and courage; helping teams to reach the highest levels of connection and performance; and helping individuals to access their strengths and be the best version of themselves.

Our History

Nov 2011

An idea was born

Mar 2012

Holly travels to America for DISC certification training

Apr 2012

Holly leaves work and concentrates on FH Insights full time

Aug 2012

Website Goes live!

Oct 2012

First corporate client comes on board

Jan 2013

First overseas training client in Qatar

May 2014

First training outside the GCC, in Afghanistan!

Jun 2014

First complete annual training contract signed

May 2015

Holly becomes certified in Emotional Intelligence training - EQi 2.0 and EQi 360

Dec 2015

First training conducted in Europe, back home to the UK for emotional intelligence training!

Sep 2016

Add Clifton Strengths training and coaching to the company services

Sep 2017

Holly becomes certified as a coach with North Point Academy

Oct 2017

New Website Launched

Dec 2017

Ambia Hoque joins as Marketing Executive

Jan 2018

New associates join FH Insights

Mar 2018

Enter new markets -Education and Insurance

May 2019

Brenda Connolly joins as a coaching and leadership development consultant

Dec 2019

First training in Saudi Arabia - Emotional Intelligence training for Sunbulah

May 2020

Launched Virtual Training programmes to help businesses and leaders through the global pandemic

Sep 2020

Cathalijne Bol joins as a leadership development consultant

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What Our Clients Say

Training Attendees Testimonials

During the Women in Leadership program, FH Insights took us through a journey of self-reflection, research and analysis, storytelling, and experience sharing which managed to change our perception and get rid of some limiting beliefs. We were also introduced to specific tools, methodologies and assessments which were key in achieving major breakthroughs.

I would absolutely recommend this program to whoever is interested in taking their career to the next level.

Farah Nahlous, BASF

Holly and the Team have done an exceptional job to deliver the management training program which has taught us so much about ourselves and positively affected both our professional and personal development in an interesting way.

Sandy Hatoum, Claims manager, Lockton

Our company organized a 3 day training programme on strategy and implementation conducted by Ms. Fenton and I must say that I found the training immensely rewarding. As far as Ms. Fenton's knowledge on the subject is concerned, her ability to make it simple to understand for everyone who attended was remarkable. I must appreciate her ability to involve each and every participant right from the word "Go" and her ability to bring out spontaneous reaction from every participant. I found that she is indeed a great coach and motivator and her pragrammes are really assets to invest in.

Surajit Datta, Manager-Internal Audit, Aswaaq

The six-session Management Development Program with Holly Fenton was very interactive and I learned new interesting topics that I aim to apply in my personal and professional life especially the Chimp theory! Each session was engaging and raised self-awareness in each of us to realize what are our strengths and weaknesses and hence work on them. The sessions were customized as per our company's strategy and therefore they sent the right messages to our managers. Many Thanks, Holly for the great experience and looking forward to our next training!

Lama Junid, Lockton

FH Insights recently provided Time Management training to some our senior staff at MLC QS. The training course was well run, very well presented, very interactive and was very well received by all. In today's world where everything and everyone is vying for you attention this course is a must to maintain control and work effectively.

Paul Brand, Group Director, MLC International

Holly Fenton as exceptional breadth and depth of marketing and business experience. She brings a wealth of knowledge marketing, branding, business development and more. Her strength and passion is in helping businesses and professionals to become the "Industry leader" . Her training program which I have attended provides tools and resources that can be immediately implemented for immediate impact. I personally could see the changes in a positive way as I implement it in my daily working life after attending the training program.

Sakthialingam Selvaretnam, Regional Business Development Manager, ABB

I would highly recommend the DISC training with FH Insights. The training provided me with skills and tools to better understand myself, understanding and interacting with others better.

I have already begun applying the tools and skills within the workplace and this is a testament to the quality and practical content of the training.

Carol Smith, Tenaris

Outstanding master of her craft; incredibly energetic as I witnessed that Her levels were same during all the 4 days that I attended the training program. Liked her friendly and spontaneous personality that make training workshops a fun to participate. Holly (FHI) is the real deal and her insight and out of the box way of conducting the training adds value to every program that I have attended with Her as the coach

Himanshu Gole, ABB

Coaching Testimonials

Holly is a first-class coach, pure and simple. Our sessions tend to carry a different theme each time, which makes Holly's intuition an incredible asset as she adapts to the challenges I bring to the session immediately,

The quality of coaching I've received helps drive my professional relationships forward, overcome strategical challenges and on numerous occasions helped me into a new action-based routine.

Craig Buchan, CEO, Qpal

Holly really helped me to find my strengths. I was not aware of what my strengths are - I always saw them as negative habits as they are not really common. I fought against them and needed a lot of energy for it. In Holly's coaching sessions we look for ways how I can use my strengths in my daily work and it helped me a lot to develop personally.

Holly can also improvise very fast as I sometimes came up with a very different topic and as she has a very broad knowledge about different methods she always shows me a way where I can work on.

Carmen Reiter, Co-Founder, Hydro Wind Energy

The coaching sessions with FH Insights have helped me to adopt a different perspective in evaluating people and situations. The coach, Brenda was very supportive and inspiring. She was instrumental in aiding me to understand how to behave with people and effectively read the actions and reactions of my colleagues.

Overall, it was brilliant, and I would definitely recommend FH Insights if you are looking for worthwhile coaching sessions to improve yourself.

Andrea Avitabile, JAS

Decision Makers Testimonials

We needed a reputable external workshop leader to allow us to leverage the strengths of the leadership team. Feedback from the cohort showed a desire to develop stronger leadership skills with differentiation and the capacity to network in a safe environment. The training provided by FH Insights has hit every one of these parameters.

I have been impressed by Holly's knowledge and flexibility in providing a bespoke training solution for our middle leaders. Holly took time to listen and ask deeper questions to establish our specific needs - the time and care taken in planning has made the workshops a real success. She feels like part of the team!

Frances Jones, Director of Professional Learning, GEMS - Gems World Academy

We truly enjoyed the interactive training sessions with FH Insights. It was spread over a two months period, that helped us to stay focused for each session and directly implement what we learned in our day to day job, which was followed up at the next session. Holly's personal stories and live examples helped the team to connect and engage with her. Very recommendable to have your Team training with FH Insights.

Elwin Kemming, Novotel Al Barsha

FH Insights shows continuous strong customer focus. They are open to adjust and agile to incorporate our changing needs and requirements. We have consistent positive feedback on all their solutions from learners and the sessions are interactive and engaging. FH Insights adds value to the continuous development of our employees. Their training programmes foster self-awareness amongst our employees and have enabled continuous improvement in soft skills. They add to our corporate culture of open and respectful communication, collaboration and trust. We are very satisfied with their solutions and they will put your interest at the centre of what they do.

Barbara Fehr, HR Learning & Development MEA Cluster Lead, ABB

FH Insights has managed our leadership development programme for our senior teams in Dubai, Egypt and Iran. They have been a great business partner for us and have worked closely with our Learning and Development team to understand our needs, customize materials and improve them based on the feedback. The programme you get from FH Insights is never a one size fits all. We are happy to have FH Insights as a valuable extension to our HR team and are currently rolling out the leadership programme to more teams within the BASF group.

Burcu Cinar Ozden, HR Director - Middle East, BASF