About DISC

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DISC is a tool that is used to increase our understanding of human behaviour, interaction styles and environmental preferences. DISC is a simple personality profiling method that has a big impact when we use it with individuals and teams. Within DISC there are four categorizations of behavioural style based on two axis of outgoing/reserved and task/people.

To learn how DISC can help your business contact us to discuss. The DISC Model originates from William Moulton Marston (1893-1947) an American psychologist, writer and inventor. His 1928 book The Emotions of Normal People detailed the DISC theory. DISC is a four quadrant model of personality segmenting.


"Strength lies in differences, not in similarities." -Steven Covey

Complete the Puzzle of your Organisation


Training Companies Dubai, Leadership Training Dubai, Strengths Finder Dubai

You may be struggling to make a decision between the various different personality and behaviour tools available in the field. There are many on the market all offering something slightly different.

We use DISC because in our training we have used many different tools and we haven't come across a simpler and more powerful behavioural assessment. The DISC Model can be quickly picked up by a team within just one hour. This makes it perfect to integrate into a training programme and quickly apply.

Training attendees find DISC easy to implement in their day to day roles as the different personality types are easy to observe after only a few minutes of interaction. We chose DISC as one of our primary training tools as it is simple for employees to grasp and apply and ultimately it helps businesses improve their performance. DISC achieves this by avoiding complex business psychology theory and using easy to remember colours and terminology. If you are looking for a way to help teams work better together, improve manager and employee relations, reduce conflict, increase sales and marketing performance and improve communications then we believe DISC is the best tool available.

"None of us is as smart as all of us." -Ken Blanchard

Celebrate your differences

DISC Personality

Training Companies Dubai, Leadership Training Dubai, Strengths Finder Dubai

Dominic is a Dominant D

Dominic is driven, determined and focussed. His competitive nature and desire for results ensure that he works hard and delivers on what he says he will do. Dominic doesn't like to waste time, if he thinks something is pointless he isn't afraid to speak up. Dominic is independent by nature and enjoys when he can work on his own as others struggle to keep up with his fast pace and quick decisions. When leading others Dominic provides clear direction and ensure everyone keeps their eye on the prize. Dominic has been told that he could work more on his people skills. Sometimes people get offended by his direct nature and think he is been rude. Dominic is working on listening to others more before voicing his opinion.

Training Companies Dubai, Leadership Training Dubai, Strengths Finder Dubai

Isabel is an Inspiring I

Isabel is welcoming and positive and likes to bring an element of fun and enjoyment into the workplace. She loves meeting new people and is often the one that is called on to represent the business to new people where charm and influence are required. To Isabel there is nothing better than working with her colleagues on a project with tight deadline, it energizes and motivates her. Isabel loves to tell and hear stories and her natural enthusiasm makes her very likeable. She is always the one who can lift the mood of the team and bring fresh ideas when others are drained. Isabel has been told that she can come across as unprofessional and disorganised, this is something that she is working to improve.

Training Companies Dubai, Leadership Training Dubai, Strengths Finder Dubai

Sanjay is a Supportive S

Sanjay is a friendly, quiet member of the team who is always there for his co-workers. He has build up a loyal group of friends within the business who know they can rely on Sanjay to get things done. He is often the go-to person when someone has a problem or challenge they are facing at work. Sanjay is always there with a listening ear and helpful advice. Sanjay works best when he is in small group and he has plenty of time to plan his work. Sanjay is practical and always considers the reality of what will actually work. Others have told Sanjay that they wish he would speak up more in meetings and voice his ideas or his concerns about plans. Sanjay is working on speaking up more as he knows he has good ideas.

Training Companies Dubai, Leadership Training Dubai, Strengths Finder Dubai

Carla is a Cautious C

Carla is careful and deliberate in her work. She values accuracy and details and hastes when work is done with no consideration of quality and excellence. Carla understands the importance of doing things right; she always follows procedures or improves procedures when they are insufficient. People will often ask Carla to run her critical eye over their work to find any errors or room for improvement. When working a project Carla needs access to all the information to enable a full analysis and understanding of the issues. Carla doesn't see the need for emotions in the workplace and approaches her work with logic and rational. This has led others to view Carla as cold and uncaring. She is working on connecting more with her colleagues and building relationships within the business.

How this helps you

The training from FH Insights will show you how to identify the Dominics, Isabels', Sanjays and Carlas in your company. Once you know who they are you will know how to better meet their needs and make for improved relationships and higher productivity.

  • If you are selling to Carla you will know she needs lots of details and time to consider her options.
  • If you are managing Isabel you will know to get her involved in project where she can maximise her people skills and connect with others.
  • If you are working with Sanjay you will know to be personable and interested in him and to put him in a friendly team environment.
  • If Dominic is your boss you will know to be direct and focus on how you can achieve results.

The list goes on and on of how we can improve our daily working lives simply by understanding ourselves and those around us better. Once you have completed the DISC training you will be armed with the knowledge to advance yourself and improve the performance of your company.