For the past decade FH Insights has worked with leaders and teams building the people skills that are essential for organisations to thrive. Over the years we have seen that the conventional way of leading - with command and control - isn't effective anymore. Even more so, in times of uncertainty and change when fear, stress and disengagement are commonplace and the stakes are high; leadership needs a different approach. Leaders require the ability to connect as humans in an authentic way, powered by strong self-awareness and an open mind and heart.


Discover how to create radical shifts in your leadership team


Engage in focussed leadership development projects


Benefit from experienced facilitators to guide critical meetings

"When you stop trying to change others and work on changing yourself, your world changes for the better" - Buddha


We support leaders to lead courageously through the new post-Covid reality and adapt themselves and their teams to change.

In our leadership programmes we work alongside clients to get clarity on where they are at now, set a vision for where they want to be and facilitate the hard work required to get there.

We work with leadership teams to help create the perfect conditions for high performance. In our team sessions, we bring our experience in leadership and personal development, combined with our expertise of organisational psychology and neuroscience.

Develop Leaders that the Best People Want to Work for

Strengthen Connections and Relationships

Move from Conflict to Collaboration

Typically our journeys are comprised of three phases


Understanding where you are now and where you want to be
In phase one of our leadership programme we undertake the diagnostics to understand where your team is at and where they want to get to. This stage involves us understanding team challenges and dynamics and engaging in honest and open dialogue to bring issues to the surface. Following the diagnostic phase we refine the programme with the purpose of fully meeting the needs of the leadership team and other stakeholders.


Deeply connecting with yourself and others
Phase two is where we radically increase the awareness and interpersonal connections of the team. This typically includes team workshops away from the office and daily distractions where we can deep dive into leadership behaviour transformation. Where there are conflicts and tensions we facilitate open and honest dialogue to move to a place of trust. Alongside this, we can run individual and team coaching, assessments and 360s as needed.


Creating a road map for lasting success
In phase three we connect everything together by strengthening skill-sets, embed new behaviours and put the leaders back in the driving seat. We work with the leaders to plan a way forward so that they can continue to build effective teams, transfer skills to others in the business and embed new practices and processes that ensure lasting high performance. The work should not end when the facilitation ends, organisations need to assimilate what they have learnt into existing systems.

"You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?" - Rumi


We work alongside our clients to develop leaders and their teams. Our leadership development workshops unlock personal leadership and team growth opportunities and help leaders overcome challenges that interfere with high performance. Our facilitators are highly skilled and know how to keep the sessions engaging, create a safe space for honest conversations and get fast results.

Leadership and Team Development Programmes

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever." - Gandhi


FH Insights works alongside your leadership team to facilitate critical meetings and change projects. This important work can often be beset by invisible forces causing by conflicts, delays, poor communication and an unclear process.

By engaging FH insights we help to bring ease to the work and allow managers to fully engage in the process rather than leading it.

We use our coaching and facilitation experience to bring psychological safety to your teams so that creativity and innovation can flourish.

Our clients find our facilitation work most valuable in vision setting, strategy sessions and annual goal setting.

Smooth Process

Less Conflict

Commitment and Buy-In

Increase Creativity

Avoid Timewasting

Increase Alignment