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A Guide For Leaders

There are FIVE essential elements that set apart successful teams. Download this guide to explore these five things and learn what leaders need to do to create a climate that encourages high performance.


REAP Book Club

Our aim with the REAP Book Club is to explore relatively new (not more than five years old) and thought-provoking books that will open your eyes to new ways of thinking and being.


Upcoming Workshop

This complimentary workshop for senior leaders will help you to understand the Barrett Values Centre approach leadership development and explore how to use their analytic tools to develop leaders.


Training Brochure 2021

This brochure includes information on our training courses which include personal effectiveness, interpersonal skills and management and leadership development. You will also find training outcomes and highlights for all of our courses and more.


Lean Learning Workshops

We have a range of workshops specifically developed for businesses that are in the early stages of their learning and development journey. Over 80+ workshops to choose from depending on the needs of your business.


Procrastination Decision Tree

The Procrastination Decision Tree helps people understand the cause of their procrastination and know how they can tackle it. Complete your details to download your copy and overcome your procrastination today!


Employee Engagement Tips

Are your employees engaged?

Employees globally are highly engaged at a level of just 15%. Learn how to drive engagement within your business with our email series of seven engagement tips to support you to be a better manager and leader.


The Oz Principle Summary

Bestseller the Oz Principle explores the issue of Accountability and how to build it within yourself and the organisation.

We have condensed the key lessons of the Oz Principle for you - so you don't need to read the whole book.


Advanced Training Techniques

Take your training skills to the next level with our series of 7-day Advanced Training Techniques emails. Each day you will receive a new training technique, along with our advice on how to properly implement it in the training room.