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We provide customised training solutions to help your employees achieve higher levels of performance. We believe in an experiential training experience, our courses are informative, transformational and fun. Our training programmes are grounded in proven business psychology that is presented in a way that is real and relatable for business professionals.




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"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership" -Harvey S. Firestone

Leaders That Dare To Dream


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Your leaders are at the forefront of your business, making decisions and taking actions that will impact the business and the team for years to come. Training and coaching for leaders often sees the biggest impact as the lessons and habits trickle down to the rest of the organisation.

Leaders within many organisation, have been promoted based on their ability and competence in their role. Once promoted they find that the skills that got them the job are not the same set of skills which will make them successful in it. Instead of 'just doing' they need to empower others. Technical expertise is overshadowed by interpersonal skills. Relationships and influence replace knowledge and skills as the means to success.

Our Training Courses

Our leadership training and coaching programmes help new leaders and existing leaders to sharpen their leadership capability and drive performance through others. All our leadership training is highly customised to meet the needs of your team and business. Programme lengths range from a two-day intensive workshop to a year-long leadership development programme. Popular Leadership training topics amongst our clients include:

"Leaders don't create followers they create more leaders" Tom Peters

Build Harmony and Synchronicity in your Teams


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When team members come together and learn how to use their differences to work successfully as one they can achieve exceptional levels of performance. Whatever the business or industry we struggle to find examples of where people aren't required to work in teams. With teamwork comes challenges; personalities clash, objectives and working methods are in conflict and decision making takes too long.

Our team's training focuses on helping people to identify, celebrate and utilise their differences and use them as a source of advantage not disadvantage. When we are able to work in harmony with people who are completely different to us we will see the highest levels of performance reached.

Our Training Courses

Our teams training is customised to meet the needs of your team, some of the popular areas for teams training amongst our clients include:

"Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success." Henry Ford

A Skilled Workforce = A Successful Business

Employee Development

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Investing in the development of your staff not only improves their skill set, it increases their engagement and loyalty to the business, motivates and boosts confidence. Training fills the gaps left by the technical focus of university degrees and insufficient in company training and bad role models in early jobs. Many of your employees have probably learnt bad habits and developed poor interpersonal skills because they haven't had the intervention of a good teacher, mentor or coach.

Our training for employees seeks to address this skill gap and equip your team with the personal, professional and interpersonal skills they need for success.

Our Training Courses

For employee development we offer a range of customized training courses including:

"The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers" Richard Branson