Virtual Learning


2020 has forced us all to adapt. For us, it has meant a disruption to our usual business model and a transition to using virtual platforms for learning and development. Virtual learning has proved to be effective, fun and time-efficient. In these current times, we recognise that the usual training and development needs are on pause or have shifted dramatically. To meet this need we have developed a series of online workshops for employees at every level of your organisation. These workshops have been designed to help leaders transition your business through the crisis, help managers to hold teams together and deliver results and for employees to connect and manage stress and anxiety.

We are also delivering our standard soft skills training courses online on a case by case basis. Please contact us for further details.

What to Expect


In our online trainings we facilitate discussions, exploration and brainstorming amongst the participants. Participants are fully engaged in the sessions as they are required to contribute in small breakout groups. Discussion is interspersed with time for reflection and the tips, tools and techniques that we know produce best practice; this results in fun and informational sessions that bring personal shifts.


Managing a group of online learners and maintaining attention is different when delivering online training to face to face (by different read harder!) That's why in our virtual sessions we have a high facilitator to attendee ratio so we can ensure personal attention and contribution from everyone. We have a maximum of 10 attendees for every 1 trainer. On our senior leadership programmes the ratio is 1 facilitator to every 3 attendees.


With our online programmes, you can choose to go for an accompanying LMS where we will map a learning journey for attendees with online workshops, related reading, assignments and quizzes to keep the attendees engaged and ensure stickiness of training content.

"What leaders need during a crisis is not a predefined response plan but behaviours and mindsets that will prevent them from overreacting to yesterday's developments and help them look ahead."

Mckinsey COVID-19 response report, March 2020




How your business looks at the end of this crisis rests with your executive team. It is normal for them to be feeling overwhelmed, uncertain and stressed. These are unprecedented times and the pressure on this team to perform is high. Leaders are doing the best they can with the information and resources they have available. In this programme we help them to stop and take time to think, collaborate and ideate about the best way to lead the business and its employees to post-COVID strength.



Managers are finding a new set of challenges in balancing the needs of their team members with getting results. This current climate calls for a new set of behaviours and management approach, at a time when the managers themselves are anxious. Knowing the right approach to take and how to balance business and personal needs can be tough. We have developed three virtual workshops to support your middle-senior management team to help them lead their teams to thrive.



Anxiety, stress and fear are high for most people right now. We are all experiencing loss of some sort and this can cause us to experience grief. The normal routines, social interactions and work structure that bring us stability and enjoyment are gone. Instead we need to look inside to find peace and happiness and find new ways of meeting our basic needs. Hacking your Happiness will explore how mindfulness techniques can help to achieve calm presence and control negative thoughts and emotions.



Emotions right now, for lots of people, are all over the place and are being experienced with increased intensity. As work is disrupted, families are confined, individuals isolated and health concerns heightened it is normal to be experiencing the full spectrum of human emotions. Those who are able to identify and regulate those emotions will fare better than those who can't. In this workshop we use a simple tool - RULER - to help improve emotional intelligence in the attendees and limit the impact of the negative emotions that we all experience.



Women are far less likely to talk about their achievements at work or go for promotions unless they believe they can fulfil all of the required criteria. I am Remarkable is a workshop that aims to help women to overcome this with the ultimate goal of readdressing the gender imbalance at senior levels of organisations. In this 90 minute workshop we explore biases and practice self-promotion, the aim is to start a ripple effect in your organisation where gender biases are diminished and opportunities open up for females and other under-represented groups.



Help your employees connect to their core talents with CliftonStrengths. In this virtual session we explore the attendees individual strengths and how they can draw on their strengths to channel motivation, resilience and enjoyment. We are at our best when we use our strengths but the current climate challenges our ability to use many of our strengths. In this workshop we guide attendees to understand and apply their strengths during this time and connect with each other in a fun and inspiring way.


Resilience is something we all need to navigate life's ups and downs, for some it comes more easily than others but all of us can strengthen our resilience muscle. In this virtual training we help attendees to develop the skills that are required for mental and emotional resilience. This training aims to help the attendees bounce back from set backs quicker, manage stress and avoid feeling overwhelmed and pessimistic about life events. To do this we use several techniques including reframing, purpose, gratitude and emotional management.



With a move to more virtual working it is more important than ever that employees are able to effectively manage their own time and stay motivated. In this fully virtual training we give attendees the tools and techniques they need to master their work day and increased their organisation and efficiency. We help them to overcome their own time management challenges and introduce new processes and habits to become more efficient. Topics covered include prioritisation, managing distractions, using technology effectively, multitasking, project planning and habit change.


For manager's not been able to meet employees as often as before presents new challenges. Mangers' need to be able to keep team members engaged, maintain performance outputs and ensure the right level of communication. In a post COVID world we are seeing a shift in focus from measuring time spent in the office to measuring outputs. Manager's need to adapt to this change and get the right balance of focus on results and concern for people's needs. This course guides managers to consider how they can best manage in a virtual team environment



All leadership starts with self-leadership. This is what this training is about. Giving
people, at any level, the self-awareness, confidence and accountability to master
their own lives and be a role model for others. In Personal Leadership we explore
people innate strengths, their core values and help them discover their purpose. We
look into the habits and disciplines that stand successful people apart from the rest and work with the attendees to set goals for their life and figure out how they are going to achieve them.



Having good ideas and a strong work ethic is not enough, if you are not able to
effectively communicate your ideas and work well with others you will not progress.
This training has been designed to help your employees to find their voice and
elevate their communications to the next level. In this training we build good
communication skills from the inside-out, starting with shifting beliefs, building
confidence and managing biases. Then we build essential communication skills such
as listening, assertiveness, using questions and having tough conversations.



Coaching is an essential skills that any manager and leaders needs to master.
Coaching builds a culture where people take individual accountability to solve
problems, work independently and get things done. It can be difficult for mangers,
who are used to jumping in and fixing things to take a step back and focus instead on the growth and development of the individual. Without this talent, though,
managers are doomed to a life of over-work, stress and lack of next generation

"Losing your head in a crisis is a good way to become the crisis."

C.J. Redwine


The current crisis has definitely called for us to review and adapt our learning & development plans and respond to the new needs of our people. I am pleased to share we successfully launched our two part virtual leadership workshop series 'Leading through Crisis' with Holly Fenton of FH Insights. "After this experience, we definitely see online facilitated workshops becoming part of our long-term development strategy, enabling us to reach those working in some of the most remote parts of our region, MESCAT.

Goldie G. Bekin, Head of Talent, Engie

The virtual leadership training from FH Insights was exactly what the team needed to re-focus, collaborate and get back on track. The sessions were very well facilitated, leaving plenty of space for the team to connect and discuss ideas. I would highly recommend this for any leadership team during these testing times.

Lee King, CEO, Hydro Wind Energy