Time Management Training

Course Overview

This course is a comprehensive two day deep dive into everything time management. Again and again we see employees who are over worked and under effective. They struggle to get what they need to be done completed within the day and take work home with them and work weekends to catch up. This puts pressure on family life and causes stress and health issues.

We believe there is a better way. Through learning how to get organised, manage requests from others better, prioritising properly and being able to use technology in a positive healthy way we can show people how to regain control of their work and life through our time management training.

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Who Should Attend?

This time management training course is suitable for all levels, if you need to manage your time better then this
training is for you!

You need this training if you:

Are disorganised and chaotic in your approach to work
Regularly misplace items and forget tasks
Have delays and missed deadlines due to procrastination
Allow yourself to be distracted and lack focus
Are unclear on how to prioritise tasks and are not making progress on projects

Course Contents:

Your Time Management Challenges
Time management techniques
Knowing your role
Prioritising tasks
Using technology in a way that helps not hinders
Avoiding distractions
Deciding what to do
Managing your email inbox
To do lists - to do or not to do?
Planning your work and projects
Delegating work
Using your calendar effectively
Goal setting
Changing habits
Achieving work-life balance

Training Outcomes:

Know how to use organisation systems such as email, calendar and reminder systems in the right way
Minimise distractions from the work environment
Structure the work day for maximum effectiveness
Know why you procrastinate and introduce habits that will help you overcome it
Identify the right things to be doing and when to do them
Take control over things that derail your workplace productivity
Control your interactions with technology and reduce wasted time

Required Attendees

We run this training within organisations for between 8 - 16 attendees.

Contact us to discuss your specific requirements

What previous attendees say

The [Time Management] training exceeded my expectations, most useful course I have
been on. I'll change the way I handle email and respect other people's time.

Paul Ian Miller, MLC

I found the training to be very useful and valuable to my job. It taught me key techniques to solve problems which might be affecting us without knowing. Now those problems have names such as: procrastination and I'm ready to improve that.

Rusherin Hanafi, ABB

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